Please note that the following updates will come into effect on June 15th, 6:00 PM:

Browsing update

To learn more on the interface update, please consult the article on the topic.

UpperBee Condo / Rental


Contracts registry: it is now possible to document a signed contract with a resident supplier

Supplier registry: addition of the payment method in the general list.

Financial / Accounting

Horizontal properties: per-building filter added to various functionalities to select the proper receivables accounts (managers only)

Returned or destroyed cheques: notification to client can be sent upon confirmation of the maneuver in the system.

Notification parameters: If the payment confirmation notification is active, a resident will receive a notification when a one-time pre-authorized debit is created.


Document library: the documents can be displayed ina  pop-up instead of being automatically downloaded.

Documents and FAQ: addition of a new visibility level for occupants.