Please note that the following updates will come into effect in the near future:


Under UpperBee Rental, you will now be able to manage the Relevés 31 of your property or properties, by adding the required information, generate the documents, correct the potential mistakes, and transmit everything to the right instances and to your tenants.

UpperBee Condo/Rental

  • Financial years configuration: Possibility to create a partial financial year as the first fiscal year of the property.
  • Financial years: possibility to update manually the period of the first fiscal year.
  • Payment approval: Link to see all pending payments included in the reminder notifications.
  • Payment approval: possibility to push back the reminder of a payment pending approval.

UpperBee Condo only

  • Custom fields: make the fields visible in a "read only" format for the coowners.
  • Vertical/Horizontal synchronization: differences report included.