Here is the list of the updates and improvements for July 2022:

Two mobile apps: one for the residents, one for the managers

The mobile apps of UpperBee will now be offered in two different versions: one for the management companies, and one for the residents. The current app available through the app stores will become the residents app, with a display similar to the web browser version.


UpperBee Manager will now become its own app, regrouping all of the tools to operate on-site.


UpperBee Condo

Discussions and votes: You can now save the discussions as draft.

UpperBee Rental

Units registry: fields added to the import/export.

  • Name of the building
  • # of rooms
  • # of bedrooms
  • # of 
  • Floor
  • Electric meter #
  • Gas meter #
  • Intercom #
  • Code for intercom

Leases registry: fields added to the import/export.

  • Invoicing: Beginning date
  • Invoicing: End date
  • Invoicing: Frequency
  • Invoicing:  Period
  • Invoicing:  Account
  • Invoicing:  Amount
  • Payment method

UpperBee Condo / Rental

Budgets: New filters added to ease the research process.

Residents registry: shortcut added into the group of co-owners to send the account statement.

Max bank direct debit and cheques per deposit: the maximum amount of cheques per deposit is now also applied to the pre-authorized debits.

MANAGER users: When creating deposits automatically, multiple deposits will be created when the amount of cheques and PADs exceeds the amount configured.



UpperBee Manager

Call for bids : e-mail sent to suppliers can now be modified.

Building management: when activated for a property, the field will be available in the following exports.

    • Condo fees in the budget export.
    • Account receivables export.


Authorized suppliers: A supplier can now be exempted of approval by the main manager before a payment can be emitted. Submitted invoices for said suppliers will automatically be approved.