Take note that the following updates will take place on November 2nd, 5:00 PM :

UpperBee Condo / Rental

  • Optimized user profile display on mobile devices. 

  • Maximum attachment size upgraded to 50 Mb. 

  • Visual improvements to Roles configuration page.

UpperBee Manager 

  • FOB and key added tracking in the managed properties. 

  • New leases registry for managed properties in the company portal. 

  • Visual improvements to the Roles configuration page. 

  • Newly visualized page for employee access in the UpperBee modules. 

  • Optimized company parameter display for mobile devices. 

  • Optimized employee management display for mobile devices. 

Major update 

  • Work orders updates:
    • Reorganized work order page. 
    • Work orders can be submitted without being attached to a service request. 
    • Work orders can be generated from a call for bids. 
    • Expenses can be linked to the work orders.  Once linked to an invoice, the info is auto populated into respective fields. 
    • Draft work order preview provided before submission. 
    • Work order sent automatically via email to the supplier upon its submission. 
    • Can be filled via the mobile app (functionality pending). 
    • Selectable default billing address depending on the management type for the property. 
    • Possibility to link a work order to the maintenance log and equipment. 
    • Possibility to create a temporary supplier for the work order if the supplier does not already exist in the company's registries. 
    • New statistics for open work orders available in the analytics section.