Version 136

Modified on Mon, 20 Feb 2023 at 12:25 PM

Note that the following updates will be effective on February 21st, 6:00 PM


Visual improvements

General updates

UpperBee Rental

UpperBee Manager

Visual improvements

The login and account creation webpages have been updates to match the new visual interface of UpperBee.

General updates

Payment approval improvements

UpperBee has simplified the reallocation of the approval among signatories, allowing redistribution, addition or removal of signatories in just a few clicks.

Payment approval sent to all

A 3rd approval type will make its way to UpperBee: "First come first signed (all signatories)". The main difference between the current first come first signed method is that this new variant will send an approval inquiry to all the signatories instead of the required amount only, and will consider the payment as approved as soon as the required amount of signetures have been collected.

Resident search by mail in the residents registry

A new search filter will be included in the residents registry to ease the search of a resident with his e-mail address.

Newsletter subscriptions

UpperBee users will be able to configure directly in their profile if they want to opt-in for the UpperBee newsletters and receive exclusive offers from our different partners.

Aged receivables

An ages receivables report will be available directly in a property's Condo/Rental portal.

Improvements to the transaction exports

The export will now include the following:

  • The period of the export,
  • The opening and closing balance for the accounts for the specified period,
  • A "Balance" and "Variation" column.

Document viewer integrated to the suits registry

Documents added to a documented suit will be visible with the document viewer.

UpperBee Rental

Lease assignment

The leaqse assignment option will allow to choose a date for the assignment, transfer all the data from the previous lease such as the rent, beginning and end date, attachments, etc, into a new one. From there, all you have to do is add the new tenants in that lease.

Improvements to the lease import/export

To facilitate the subdivision of revenues among the appropriate accounts when charging rent, the rent import/export will contain all the accounts usable in a lease (as activated in the default lease prior to that step) and you will be able to specify which amount goes in each revenue account for every lease.

UpperBee Manager

Manager's signature in mail merges

A company employee will be able to decide if they choose to include their e-mail signature or not when sending a mail merge by e-mail.

Aged receivables for multiple properties

The aged receivables report will now allow to include units from multiple portals, in order to regroup more easily the information that require more attention into a single report. 

Improvements to the billable elements

The following will be added to the billable elements:

  • Include an attachment to a billable charge, allowing, for example the inclusion of any documents justifying a chargeback from the management company to a client. The attachments will be part of the billable elements appendix transmitted to your corporate accounting system (Xero, QuickBooks) or manually generated attachments, and the charges with attachments will be indicated as such in the "WIP and invoicing" section.
  • A "Save and add new" button will make its appearance on the billable elements popup.

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