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Modified on Fri, 9 Dec, 2022 at 10:51 AM

Here are the newest features and updates included in the December 13th release :


Improvements to the interface

Following the introduction of the new user interface, our team brought several improvements to it during the past month and is committed to continue its improvement. Among the notable changes, the different modules of a functionality will be separated in blocks with a darker background. This update will be done progressively throughout the system.

Note that the following improvements are also on the table and will be integrated in the coming months :

  • Improving the "Save" and "Return to list" button to ensure harmony within the webpage,
  • A font update to enlarge the characters and use the font native to the user's operating system (Mac OS, Windows, etc.), fonts already optimized for every interface.
  • A reclassification of the functionalities under "All functionalities" into categories that better explain the purpose of the tools,
  • Improvements to the search engines and filters,
  • And much more!

To wrap up this topic, a little update on the "dark mode", which many of you are hastily waiting for. The development team is currently on track for a January 2023 release of that mode, which will offer users who use the platform for several hours at a time to switch into a more visually appeasing mode whenever they feel the need to do so.

Here is a preview of what's to come:

New features


Improvements to the "All functionalities" pages

In order to optimize the browsing experience within UpperBee and provide further clarity in those sections, three major improvements will be introduced: 

  • Icons will be (re)introduced to find key functionalities with more ease.
  • Introduction of a "favourite" option, to include the functionalities you use the most in the drop-down menu of that section within the app.
  • Visual improvement to the background with a darker tone.


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"Skeleton" style loading pages

For visual optimization, the loading wheel will be replaced with a "skeleton" style loading page.

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In short, the "skeleton" loading format will first load the page's template, and then load the information into it. This loading style is more and more common since, among the other advantages, it decreases the risks of stretching the webpages too much and skipping to a different point in the webpage while loading.

Account lock date

To allow better control of the account management, avoid alterations after validation, and allow clients to "close" a specific period of their financial years, it will now be possible to add a lock date in the portal's accounting. Only a person with a special permission will be able to edit the numbers prior to the date entered and those without the permission will be alerted that they cannot proceed with their operation. 


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The lock date can be configured in the financial parameters of the property, or through the financial statements.


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Financial exports per period

To create exports for specific periods, it will be possible to select the beginning and end date for the reports we want to generate.

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"Admin portal" button accessibility

From the homepage, board members, renters and managers are able ot access the management tools with the "admin portal" button located within the hamburger menu. The button will now be reachable directly from the top bar for better accessibility.



UpperBee Condo

Improvements to the pre-authorized debits for special assessments

To provide more solutions during some particular cases (changes in the payment method, sale of a unit, etc.), more flexibility will be given when generating the pre-authorized debits for special budgets with the following :

  • The possibility to select specific units for which we want to generate the PADs,
  • Enabling the removal of units when generating the PADs for all,
  • Allow the selection of the installments for which we want to generate the PADs,
  • Display the recollection processes in progress.


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Note that some of those improvements will be introduced progressively into the tool.

UpperBee Rental

Revenu Québec certification for RL-31 slips

UpperBee is officially certified by Revenu Québec to generate RL-31 slips for the 2022 fiscal year. If you need assistance to generate those documents, you are more than welcome to reach out to our support team.

Adding a description to the lease documents

To better identify the documents attached to a lease, it is possible to add a dscription to them.

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UpperBee Manager

Resident search fields added to the results page

In order to avoid backtracking when doing operations, the resident search widget fields will be available in the page opened after a resident search. This improvement will allow you to start a new search (or refine the one you are currently doing) from the same webpage.

Internal identifier added to inspections

To help summarizing the information contained within the list of inspections, the internal identifier can now be defined when creating an inspection. The field's info will be displayed in the main page, therefore, you will know at glance what the inspection is about without having to go into the inspection's details.

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Improvements to the employees list display

To trim the content of the page, the following improvements have been implemented:

  • Only active employees are displayed by default,
  • Phone numbers have been removed,
  • "i" bubble icon added next to the employee's name to display details,
  • Last connection visible from the list.

Other notable improvements

  • Document viewer included in invoices,
  • Inspection text templates added,
  • The difference between the balance owed and the balance debited from the resident's account will be shown in the deposit,
  • Lease status available in the lease export,
  • Mergefield creating a payment grid for rents added in mail merges.

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