Version 132

Modified on Fri, 23 Sep 2022 at 09:08 AM

Pleasetake note of the following updates, effective on Sept. 20th, 2022, 6:00 PM

General updates

Banking info management

The banking info of residents is now managed through their resident profile, allowing the configuration of multiple payment methods for one group. This will enable account management for different contexts such as doing perceptions in a joint account, and reimburse an administrator for expenses related to the property directly in their personal acocunt, for example. 

Every screen requiring banking information form the resident will display a drop-down menu to sleect the saved info for the residents, and also allow the management team to add new banking info, which wil subsequently be saved in their resident profile.

It will also be possible to configure a default bank account, which will be automatically suggested when the info is required to complete a transaction with the group of residents.


 Note: Deleting a payment method will no longer impact the pending transactions, and the access to see and edit the info will remain restrained to the designated people.

Search by unit in the infractions registry

A new field has been added ot the list of infractions in order to find with more ease the infractions linked to a specific unit and/or group of residents.

Never forget the attachments!

If the system detects key words such as "attachent", "see attached" and other variants with the same definition, the system will warn you if there is no attachment to the note or message you are about to send.

Access the general info of a request with ease

When a functionality refers to a service request, a bubble will now ppear, displaying the general info of said request, when you bringyour cursor on the the request number.

UpperBee Condo updates

Meeting templates management

The meeting subject templates are now edited in a new page instead of a pop-up window, easing comparisons and avoiding risks of information being lost in translation.

UpperBee Rental Updates

Custom fields now available

You can now create custom fields in the registries of a rental property.

The custom fields can be edited directly in a tenant's profile.

Per building management

If the buildings exist in the advanced maintenance booklet, you can activate the per building management in the units registry.

Assigning a unit to its building will allow the management team to make more narrow researches and comunicate with the tenants of a specific building within a portal. The information can be updated in the unit's general info or through the Excel import/export.

Apply a revenue on an asset/liability account

In the leases, it will be possible to link assets and liabilities accounts to the different invoicing codes. Such practice will, for example, ease the process of tax management for commercial leases.

UpperBee Manager updates

Customizable roles for the properties managed

The list of roles was, until now, not editable, meaning that a management company had to navigate between pre-determined roles to assign responsibilities, notifications, and service requests to their employees. The list of department and roles was restrained only to reporting purposes. The new list of roles can now be customized by each management company.

  • Old version :
  • New version :

Creating roles and responsibility will give companies more flexibility to structure the management teams in UpperBee the way they do in real life. A management company will be able to determine the following for each role:

  • If the designated employee's name is visible by the residents, to preserve an employee's confidentiality if they are in charge of more delicate matters (i.e. recollection),
  • Dictate the filed's name in the mail merges,
  • Define the responsabilities associated with each role,
  • Define which requests are automatically assigned to each role,
  • Define which notifications a person filling certain roles will receive,
  • Choose the second in command for requests, notifications and responsabilities if nobody is assigned to that role.

Several improvements have also been implanted to ease the process of reassignment. It is now possible to select an employee who willreplace another in all of their properties managed.

Some improvements have also been implanted in the role attribution screens.

Company's supplier contacts

The contacts of the company for a supplier are now available in the supplier's entry of a property.Les contacts d’un fournisseur dans la compagnie seront désormais visibles dans un fournisseur d’un immeuble.

Company-wide rent roll and renewal tool

Rental property managers now have access to manage all the upcoming renewals and see the rent roll across all properties.

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