Update summary, Jan. 11th, 2022 :


  • Messages : schedule the messages to be sent at the date and time of your choosing.
  • Export attachments of the selected units in the insurance registry.
  • Informations of keys and FOBs now included in the export of the resident info.

UpperBee Condo

  • "Votes" field added to the fractions. This field can be filled via import/export and will be value used to caculate the votes in the different meeting tools of UpperBee. (NB: in the portals currently active, the field has been filled automatically to match the shares of the property)
  • Export attachments of the selected units in the mortgage lender registry.
  • Direct debits : the starting date can now be up to 1 month in the past.
  • Tenants added to the insurance registry:
    • Upon activation, it will be possible to choose if the registry must contain the insurances of the co-owners, tenants, or both, via a drop-down menu.
  • Improvements to the home support tax credit module:
    • The units now have an address, which is required to fill the documents properly.
      • The address of the units can be added via the fractions registry (Registries > Fractions) or the tax credit claims tab.
      • In the fractions registry, the addresses can be added in bulk via import/export.
    • The co-owners must now choose for which unit they wish to receive the tax credit.
    • The module is now divided into two tabs: one for the claims, and one for the generated forms.

UpperBee Manager

  • Help buttons added to various locations.
  • The text in the configuration of the sold products (FOB) is now a drop-down menu.
  • Addition of invoicing analysis, linked to the corporate accounting software, to the WIP and invoicing tools.