Note that the following changes will come into effect starting on October 5th, 5:00 PM.

UpperBee Condo / UpperBee Rental

Residents and occupants

  • Ability to select which categories of rules from the rules registry are included with the downloadable declaration of occupancy.

Mail Merge

  • New mergefield for the property's e-mail address.

Service requests (board and employees only)

  • Ability to use a predefined text template when creating a service request.


  • Possibility to hide events of a calendar from the homepage's news feed.


  • Possibility to adjust in bulk PADs leading to a credit in the receivables accounts (to withdraw the proper amount from the resident's bank account).

PAD Configuration

  • Inclusion of an internal note field in a recurring PAD.

Technical/Advanced maintenance booklet

  • Optimized tree (folder) structure to show in a parent location, system, or equipment, the information and documents attached to all its subcategories.

UpperBee Rental


  • Calendars and reservations are now available.


UpperBee Manager and management tools

Company FAQ

  • Choose to display or hide company FAQ attachments when assigned to a property.

Payment approval

  • Reassign multiple payments awaiting approval to another approver/signatory.

Task list

  • Access the request directly from the employee's task list.
  • Optimized task list's display on mobile devices.