New MANAGER feature: Document reception

Modified on Wed, 13 Dec 2023 at 08:43 AM

Please note that the following new features will be available for UpperBee Manager licensees as of the week of December 18, 2023.



In order to improve the management of customers’ accounts payable, the document reception tool will allow accounting teams to manage the reception of financial documents through the UpperBee platform. Documents sent by email will now be processed through the UpperBee platform.

1. Uploading Invoices

It will still be possible to upload attachments directly through UpperBee for documentation or use artificial intelligence reading, for portals with an UpperBee Pay subscription.

2. Payable Emails for Properties

Each managed property will be entitled to its own address for receiving invoices, allowing faster classification in the portal for which the invoice is intended.

3. Document Processing Statistics

Benefit from an analysis of document processing volume and time, available from the application.

4. Artificial Intelligence Data Entry

For portals with an UpperBee Pay subscription, the management team will benefit from artificial intelligence reading of invoices, speeding up the invoice entry process. Items are graded according to the degree of confidence the AI has in the extracted data, and you will always have the ability to add or rectify suggested data.

5. Communication With Vendors Through the Platform

Send an email directly to the vendor if you need clarification on certain elements of the invoice. Responses can then be processed directly in a service request.

6. Document Sectioning

If a vendor adds several invoices to a single email, it will be possible to split the documents to make an individual entry for all documents included in the transmission. Each patch of documents will be considered as its own entry.


Q: Can I continue to use the document scanner installed on my workstation?

A: Yes. For the time being, the document reception tool is intended as a more user-friendly alternative. If the scanner is eventually discontinued, you will be notified.


Q: Do documents have to be in a certain format to be read by the AI?

A: AI currently supports PDF documents. If a document is submitted in another format, such as Excel, it will be recommended to convert it to PDF to enable the AI to read it.


Q: Can I use document reception regardless of my operating system?

A: Yes, and that’s one of the major advantages of this feature. Unlike the scanner, which can only be installed on a PC, document reception is completed hosted on the web application, making it compatible with PCs, Macs, etc.


Q: Is it imperative to create an address for each property?

A: Ideally. It will still be possible to use the tool, but having one address per property offers a multitude of advantages for all parties involved, such as fewer data entry steps for the company, and more stable means of communication for both customer and vendor, since the address created remains attached to the portal, regardless of whom manages it.

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