New features and updates - February 2024

Modified on Wed, 14 Feb at 2:17 PM

Here is the summary of the latest developments and improvements to UpperBee.


UpperBee Condo/Rental

Improvements to the mail merge process

Some changes have been implemented to improve the process when generating mail merges for larger buildings. The recipients limit has been removed, and for UpperBee Manager users, a progression bar has been added, and you can now choose to add the bar codes after generating the documents instead of before. 


Regional parameters added

Parameters such as languages for any communications sent through the portal as well as the time zone has been added in the property's settings. That way, the portal can be better adapted to your region. 


Altered presentation of co-owner groups

As the volume of information contained in that single page increases, slight changes have been implemented to improve the loading time. Instead of everything being stacked, you may now select the category of info you wish to consult from the menu on the left.


Open the next financial period

When the right conditions are reunited (one financial period open for the property) you will now be able to manually open the next financial year. If you don't do it manually, the system will still open the new fiscal year as it starts, but this feature will allow to do certain operations in advance such as adopting budgets for the upcoming fiscal year.

Service requests: alteration to the delays

The delayed response option will now give 2 minutes to its users before the notes are added and sent to its recipients.

Improved lease renewals tracking

You will now be able to track through the renewal request when a notice of renewal was sent, received, and opened by the tenants, if said notice was sent via UpperBee. This information also includes when every tenant opened the notice. 

UpperBee Manager

Updates to the search filters

Visual update to the search filters to integrate the field names directly in their fields. The positioning of certain filters was also modified (ex: regroup all dates together).

Document reception: choose the recipient

As it is a common practice for vendors to use online accounting systems that manage their own outbound communications, it is now possible to switch between the e-mail addresses of a vendor to contact them directly or add multiple people in the communication regarding an invoice.

Custom meeting templates

In addition to the templates provided by UpperBee, a management company can now create custom meeting templates, allowing them to select the desired template when convoking a meeting as well as prepare standard agendas and minutes in advance. This allows property managers to have readily available agendas and minutes templates for different contexts such as pre and post-AGM board meetings.

Custom request subtypes

To optimize a company's classification of service requests, custom subtypes can now be configured for internal requests as well as general service requests. Those new subtypes can be selected when creating a service request of said type. 

Submit internal requests in multiple properties

When multiple properties are going through similar processes, you can now create an internal request in multiple properties at once, with the same information, assignee, attachments, task list, identifier, billable project ID, etc.

Removal of the document scanner

With the functionalities of the document scanner being moved and improved through the document reception feature, the document scanner will no longer be supported, effective August 1st, 2024. Please make sure that your payables process are migrated within the document reception.

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