Please take note that the following updates will be effective on Dec. 7th, 5:00 PM.

UpperBee Condo / Rental

  • New penalty mode to apply the highest penalty between fixed fees or interests
  • Create a deposit immediately upon submission of any type of payment
  • Recurring journal entries : specific recurrences can now be modified
  • Tasks in the advanced maintenance log: possibility to assign tasks to a management role (main contact, financial contact, etc.) (UpperBee Manager only)

UpperBee Manager

  • The fields for invoicing a work order can be updated
  • Info bubble added to inspections to show who will receive the notice of inspection

Mobile display optimization

  • Water heater registry
  • Text templates
  • Insurances registry
  • Mortgage lender registry
  • Contracts registry
  • Collection analysis (Manager)
  • Management contracts (Manager)
  • Emergencies module (Manager)
  • Archives module (Manager)
  • Advanced billing elements (Manager)