MEETING: Presenter's guide during the assembly

Modified on Fri, 11 Dec 2020 at 12:28 PM

A presenter should always have two tabs open in their web browser: the virtual room and the assembly's configuration.

When you are ready to start, once the quorum has been reached, you can save it by clicking on "Save quorum". You will then be able tyo download the quorum at the moments it was saved in an Excel sheet.

When you ant to unlock a person's microphone and camera, click on their name, and click on the options "Unlock microphone" and "Unlock camera". The participant will be able to turn on his/her devices and interact.

WARNING! To avoid any loss of connection or a slower feed, it is STRONGLY recommended to limit the amount of people with their microphones and cameras unlocked at once.

Unlocking a participant's camera and microphone will not turn them on automatically. The participant qill have to activate his/her camera and microphone on their side as well before they can interact.

To show documents to the participants, you can use the "Screen sharing" feature in order to show documents open on your desktop computer. 

To share the documents easily with the participants, you can add them in the "Documents" section of the assembly's configuration. Those documents will be available to download in the virtual room.

Participants who want to intervene or ask questions can first raise their hands in the widget on the right side of the AV component. Once the participant asked their questions, you can lower their hand by clicking on their "X". You can also lower everyone's hand in bulk.

When a co-owner must leave during the assembly, remind them to use the "Leave room" button at the top right corner of the virtual room. By using this function, they will be able to submit a proxy to an attendee as they leave. That way, they are still represented during the assembly and the loss of quorum (and the consequences that follow) in the middle of the assembly can be avoided.

To start a vote, in the assembly's configuration, under "Votes", find the vote to start and then, under "Actions", select "Start vote". In the virtual room, a new pop-up window will appear in which the participants can cast their votes. 

Once the votes have been registered, in the assembly's configuration, you can end the vote. The results will be available immediately after for everyone to see, at its point in the agenda under the video portion.

For elections, to easily add last mionute candidacies, advise the interested participants to raise their hands in the appropriate widget. You will then be able to add them to the ballot under "Actions – Configure vote", and then clicking on "Add the participants with their hand raised"

If a vote is inconclusive, (i.e. the assembly did not elect the required number of administrators), you can start a new round based on the previous one by going under "Actions" in the vote you just ended, and then select the option "Create a new round". The previous round will be duplicated and you will be able to configure it to adjust the choices and number of possible options, and start the new round.

Note: The results of each round will be available in their own tab, under "see results" at the point of the agenda during which the vote took place.

Once the meeting is over, you can click on the "Quit" button in the audiovisual component, and then select the option "End Event", effectively closing the the meeting and the virtual room.

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